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The Association of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders (ARAB) is a member organization of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA). As a condition of membership, members of ARAB must abide by any bylaws, regulations and any other agreements of both AHA and ARAB.    Membership requirements and fees for ARAB are listed below:

Membership Benefits (ARAB Social Members not eligible for the below listed benefits):  
Membership Card
 Receive AHA magazine, "Arabian Horse Life" free with membership
Discounts on Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian registration and transfer of ownership
Access to "Members Only" sections of the website - Free Horse & Rider Competition Records
Unlimited listings on Arabian Horse Classifieds online
Breeders Sweepstakes enrollment and sire payback
Halter and Performance Futurities Enrollments & Renewals
Email communications to keep you current about AHA
Eligibility to join Discovery Farms and Mentor Network
Discounts on DataSource - 1.4 Million Arabian horses
Eligibility to participate in Community Shows
Free participation in Competitive Distance
Free participation in Open Event Incentive
Optional ADD-ON's to Enhance Membership
5% Discount for all Online Purchases at

Membership requirements and fees for ARAB are listed below:

Adult Affiliate Membership, Applicant must be 18 years or over.  This category of membership shall
 have all voting privileges and shall be eligible for any office of the Club or AHA:
       Junior Affiliate Member, non-voting:
     Social Member, voting privileges on ARAB matters only:
  (not eligible for AHA competition card or liability insurance coverage or any above-listed benefits)


      Membership Options:


      For Additional Competition Options Please Add:
      (includes $1,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance Coverage) 



      ARAB Dues

      Additional Dues
      added to the AHA dues

      *Competition Card in addition to Paid   ARAB Dues

      *Competition Card without any Club Affiliation



      - 0 -



      Adult, 3-Years $70 - 0 -

      $35/year  =  $105/3-year membership




      - 0 -  



      **AHA Business


      - 0 -



      AHA Life


      - 0 -





      - 0 -



      International Members


      - 0 -



Our 2005  membership drive, setting membership fees at the AHA fee with no added amount for ARAB was very successful; thus, we will continued this practice until further notice.

No matter when you purchase your membership during the year, it will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  No late fee applies, your membership will restart with the date of payment if you are late.

For Membership Application and further information on where to send your dues, click on the "Membership Application" block below.

*Competition Cards will be issued to Individual Members ONLY (one name on the membership and Excess Liability Insurance is included with each Competition Card).  Club dues collected by AHA will be for Individuals only if you choose to signup directly on the AHA web site. 

Competition Cards are required for individual members (adult and youth) who compete, members who own horses that compete, and officials who officiate at recognized AHA events or members who participate in AHA award programs  Competition Cards are not required for the AHA Incentive Riding Programs (Competitive Distance, Frequent Rider, Open Event Incentive and Community Shows).

Competition Card / Insurance Benefits
Required for those competing in AHA-recognized shows and distance rides
Required to officiate AHA recognized events (i.e., Judges and Stewards)
$1 million personal excess liability insurance (valid for litigation in the U.S.)
Sweepstakes prize money won in competition
Halter and Performance Futurities Competition and Payback
Horse Achievement Awards
Amateur Achievement Awards
Dressage Rider Awards
Distance Horse Awards
USDF All Breed Awards
Recording Results of Open Competitions (i.e., Dressage, Distance Riding, Hunter/Jumper, Combined Training)

Please Note:  For those who want to take advantage of the AHA Excess Personal Liability Insurance program, you must purchase a competition card.  This insurance benefit is available to only those individuals who hold an AHA competition card and is inclusive with this card.

**The Business membership will have competition privileges for no other purpose than Recorded Ownership. 

***The Social Membership includes membership within ARAB only.  Social members may participate and vote on all matters except those pertaining directly to the Arabian Horse Association.


Click here
For renewal of existing ARAB membership directly on AHA Web Site.

This will take you to the AHA front page, click on the "I am a Member" tab on top and log in over on the top, right-hand side
The ARAB Club Number is 2185

Or send check or money order to:

ARAB, c/o Lorry Wagner, Membership Chair
8222 Athel Street
Inyokern, California 93527
Tel: 760-377-5579
email: Lorry Wagner
Or Use PayPal:

send e-mail by clicking on "Lorry Wagner" below and indicated what membership category you wish.  You will receive an invoice directly from PayPal which you can then make payment via your credit card.
For any questions regarding PayPal payment, e-mail:
Lorry Wagner

This application must be accompanied by appropriate membership fees. Checks are payable to: Association of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders or ARAB. Mail application with fees to above address.  


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