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2016  AHA Distance Horse of the Year
Fire Mtn. Zoom+/


Fire Mtn. Zoom+/ & Marci Cunningham


A Region 2 member's horse was named the 2016 AHA Distance Horse of the Year for the third consecutive year.  We sure have great endurance horses in Region 2!  Fire Mtn. Zoom+/ was the recipient of this prestigious honor for 2016.  Zoom, a 15-year-old chestnut gelding is owned and ridden by Marci Cunningham, a member of the Golden Empire Arabian Horse Society in Bakersfield.   Fire Mtn. Zoom's sire is Sierra Fadwah bred and foaled here in Indian Wells Valley's Sierra Dawn Arabians


Since starting his endurance career at age 11, Marci and Zoom have logged in over 3,900 endurance miles, included two 100-mile completions of which one was the 2015 Tevis Cup 100-mile Endurance Ride.  In 2016 Zoom was first place in the Pacific Southwest Region lightweight rider division and first place in the Pioneer Awad Lightweight Division.  Marci looks forward to riding Fire Mtn. Zoom for many years to com.


Zoom's sire, Sierra Fadwah+/ was bred, raised and started under saddle by Lorry Wagner, owner of Sierra Dawn Arabians, right here in the Indian Wells Valley.   Sierra Fadwah was sired by Fadjur and out of the Sierra Dawn mare Judhi, full sister to Bezatal who holds the record for best time of the Tevis Cup 100-mile ride.  Sierra Dawn Arabians sold Fadwah to Jim Bumgardner, charter member of ARAB in the early 1980's.  Jim and his wife Jackie (also an ARAB charter member) gave Fadwah the opportunity to reach his ultimate potential he was bred to accomplish.  Fadwah was AERC National Champion Stallion twice, the last time at the age of 16-years old.  He produced 110 foals most of whom went on to make history in the endurance and flat-racing competitions world-wide.

 ARAB Club Member Dave Rabe Competes in the Tevis Cup 100-Mile Endurance Ride


Dave Rabe from Carson City, Nevada and a member of the Association of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders (ARAB), a Region 2 Club, competed in the 2009  Tevis Cup Endurance Ride.   This was Dave׳s 15th time riding the Tevis Cup and his 9th completion. The ride was held on Saturday, August 1, 2009,  with a 24-hour time allowed for recognized completion. 

Dave rode the purebred Arabian Double Zell, 8-year-old chestnut gelding, owned by Christoph Schork of Moab, Utah.  Dave and Zell came in 33rd place in a starting group of 170 horses.    Dave׳s starting time was 5:15 a.m., finish time was 3:21 a.m. the next day (8/2) for a total accumulated ride time of 20:06 hours plus 2 hours+ of holds for the 100 miles.   Dave explains  "this was the best time yet over my 9-ride history. Dave rode with Christoph and Tennessee Mahoney  for 55 miles as Tennessee was riding Christoph & Diane׳s other horse, Salty.   Christoph, being a well-known Endurance champion, set a very swift pace and these riders gained a large lead over most of the other riders.  Dave and Christoph dismounted many times and ran for many miles to conserve their horse׳s energy. 

In the words of  Dave, "At Deadwood, 55 miles into the ride, Christoph pulsed down and took off without Tennessee and myself, as my horse was pretty tired.  I told Tennessee I was staying to let my horse rest and eat for one-half hour.  Tennessee went on to finish in 6th place.  Double Zell had never done a 100-mile ride before, but had won his last 22 50׳s he started so at the 55-mile point he thought he was finished.

"I left Deadwood walking on foot for 6.5  miles to the Chicken Hawk vet check.  At this vet check I stayed for 45 minutes as Zell was still pretty tired to let him eat, drink and rest.  I left Chicken Hawk vet. Check on foot, walking to the Forest Hill vet. check.  Zell got an hour to eat, drink and rest here and when we vetted out Zell started to look fresher as we took off into the night.  I ended up doing about 25 miles of the ride on foot.  I rode and walked by myself from Deadwood to almost the


        Above, L to R, Christoph, Dave and Tennessee

                  Franciscos vet. check, about 30 miles"


Dave caught up with 2 riders as he rode toward Francisco.  They missed a turn in the dark after Francisco and lost 20 to 30 minutes having to turn back and find the turnoff after figuring out they were no longer on the  right trail.  As they crossed the American River and headed toward the quarry, Zell seemed to catch his second wind.  This 100-mile ride from the Lake Tahoe area to Auburn, California, is one of the toughest endurance rides out there for competition.  Thank you, Dave, for sharing this great experience with your Club (Association of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders) and Region 2.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dave and Double Zell on the trail.



 Dave and Double Zell crossing the finish line in Auburn, CA.
 concluding 20:06 hours since starting this ride.


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